About Us


Who we are:

We are an on-line apparel retailer located in Dallas, TX, specializing in sports and humor t-shirts, with a primary focus on funny Texas shirts.  We’re all big P1’s of 1310 The Ticket, so you’ll probably recognize a few references in our line!

What we do:

Our assortment of t-shirts are offered for sale individually in the Store link, but we can offer better pricing for bulk orders.  We also offer customized t-shirts.  If you’re looking to print t-shirts for your business, for an event, or just for fun, we can design and ship to your needs.  Email us for a quote!

How to reach us:

Click on the Contact Us link or email us directly at cs@blackicetees.com.

Thank you very much for your business, and we hope you enjoy our funny Texas shirts for sale!